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2506 days ago


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cowboyfitness 2497 days ago

What a Sweetee Tweetee. Give a big hug from all of your fans. Then take her on vacation

daventer 2501 days ago

Beste Johan, wat schattig ik zie dat ze je mist, het is het mooiste wat je kan overkomen .......dochters, zelfs Borsato zingt erover

coletrainvortex 2504 days ago

Adorable young lady you have there. Is cycling in her future?

gaycarroll 2505 days ago

She misses her dad.

280585 2505 days ago

Mooie foto, schattig meisje!!!

mellovelo 2506 days ago

She's super cute and sweet!!
Good luck on the mt.

lloydfassett 2506 days ago

That's a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing. I think it's great when people from co-workers to celebrities share what they love because it shows we're more alike than different.

finephoto 2506 days ago

Truly a pic 2 treasure 4 ever! Spend as much time w/her as U can B4 she becomes a teen. A special time 2 bond! After that she will change. Congrats 4 great coaching!

SweetCarie 2506 days ago

Awww, what a sweetie, a daddy's girl. another week to go, Lance to win.

Pir8mike89 2506 days ago

A real cutie pie, she must take after her mom. Good luck today, enjoy your time at home--only 8 days till homecoming!

krist1s1 2506 days ago

what a wonderful picture, it says everything

funnymummy2 2506 days ago

Kinderen kunnen je het diepst raken, alles is peanuts vergeleken bij wat een kind zegt en doet...

Im4tun8 2506 days ago

Can see wher tha would tear you up. One more week - long, toughest one I think! Strategy! Go Lance!

AsahiTsuki 2506 days ago

how cute! go daddy go! bring her good new!

kerryinjapan 2506 days ago

You had my support until you started whining about the race radios. You have an absolutely beautiful daughter! She is certainly Daddy's pride!

bayanijovan 2506 days ago

Awwwwww. That is a heartbreaker. Anyway, tell her that daddy's bringing a yellow jersey just for her.

stormyride 2506 days ago

Gorgeous photo. Thanks for sharing Johan.

driesmahieu 2506 days ago

Just one week left, 'The week of Lance'.