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Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries. Still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma...

Killer early-morning sky in the deep south...

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1552 days ago

Killer early-morning sky in the deep south...


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FredNikulin1450 1536 days ago

The sky is beautiful. It is a pity that in Moscow in the fall and winter is a rarity.

Team_Smoldy 1546 days ago

the colors...awesome <3

L_muntaser 1551 days ago

So much more things beneath the earth and skies, dear Horacio.

DamonElenaNian 1552 days ago

:3 the heaven is beautiful I love You

ashberry1980 1552 days ago

Kool!! :)

a9ina13 1552 days ago


readytokiss 1552 days ago

that's so lovely! i love the mixture of colors!

Kath_ri99 1552 days ago

Beautiful ! Nice pic. !

SNGLong 1552 days ago


SNGLong 1552 days ago

Nice but you should skip on up her to TN/VA and see ours. It's like a rainbow of colors at times

HelloNathalia 1552 days ago

beautiful , I just can feel how life is good.... come to Brazil Medina ♥ xoxo

AbyEnn 1552 days ago

Wow . So beautiful !

Huda_Unni 1552 days ago

Hoo ! That's beautiful !

DeIdilija 1552 days ago

Probably this is the time, when you want to stay in that moment. Beautiful pic.

MarleneF97 1552 days ago

wow!!!!! its a beautiful pic !!

rubymlawrence 1552 days ago

that is a beaututiful image :") thanks for sharing.

BeatriceLacy 1552 days ago

Wow! :-) It's breathtakingly beautiful :-)

NadiaRachmasari 1552 days ago

Amazing Picture !