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This is going to be the coolest grandpa ever...

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2740 days ago

This is going to be the coolest grandpa ever...


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JoseeHogue 2619 days ago

Tatoo our body paint?

jgsurfdivajg 2725 days ago

So when are you going to jump on the tattoo bandwagon and get your first one!?!? You can be a cool grandpa too...I just got one.

milene_eis 2732 days ago


BasicJ 2732 days ago

Oh My Lord. I hate to see what else he has tatoo'd. He may never have to buy clothes again. Okay TMI

joy_b81 2732 days ago

nice ink art... but will it still look cool once the wrinkles start to show?

hadassah90 2737 days ago

If he does this to his arm / he going to be even cooler and get his penis tattooed or a jacob's ladder done? I mean, his wrinkled prune (for a penis)!!

Elven_tales 2738 days ago

I prefer the "old look" Grandparents, better before...

mazeri 2738 days ago


CarolDoty 2739 days ago

I love the artwork! Whoever came up with the design for that tattoo was very talented!

CarolDoty 2739 days ago

That is a very cool picture! Thank-you for posting it!

lari108 2739 days ago

WOW! great job!

Threadpainter 2739 days ago

My grandpa had one tatoo from WW1 and some shot under his skin from rum running during prohabition. We thought he was so exciting!!

Brightonbelle3 2739 days ago

Looks more like a lycra suit to me, which would certainly be less painful and allow an opt out mode!

bearheadedgirl 2739 days ago

Optimus Prime is that you?! OH! No, sorry, it's my bad! (autobots transform)

MEOWpongky 2739 days ago

that must have hurt... hahaha. so cool. though i wouldn't want those on me O__O

lisst17 2739 days ago

OH MY GOD HE HAS A THIRD ARM!!!!!!!!! I can see it now... "honey... Grandpas tattos had some side effects..."

mistoffelees1 2740 days ago

There are no words for this--LOL. Looks like he's going to be Terminator grandpa! Those designs remind me of the T-600's in Terminator.

gitchee 2740 days ago

A person could go nekked with tats like that all over!

Violet_Davis 2740 days ago

Please tell me these aren't tattoos on legs! If so there is some serious deformity going on here. The first two are arms. The third is a leg. No offense, but just not to my taste.

candice33185 2740 days ago

mojobaby75 said on July 17, 2009:
Sponge bath time at the old folks' home certainly will be interesting!

Okay, that was just too damn funny!