Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Cestus 3, here we come! #fromset #Mythbusters # gorncannon

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2539 days ago

Cestus 3, here we come! #fromset #Mythbusters # gorncannon


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YourBadPanda 2354 days ago

You know you are a geek when...this picture turns you on. Is that wrong?? I think not.

Kidaniland 2459 days ago

hahaahaha yo look adorable, as a child (>

TacieJ1 2461 days ago

Science ... appropriate.

kensimpson1969 2498 days ago

Grant, you definitely should have been Spock in the new movie! We should have been able to vote!

zombiegeisha 2498 days ago

Talk nerdy to me.

Tarv 2531 days ago

lol to the Buster as a Red Shirt comment, hey its the Battlebots awards I miss that show

Kirsten_jay 2533 days ago

BAHAHAHA!! made my day love the pic!

dcbprime 2536 days ago

I like the Machinery's Handbook there at your hand.

Mattfn 2538 days ago

You realize this was the "blessing" our minister had everyone give us at our wedding, right?!

AdrianDesigns 2539 days ago

Live long and prosperous!

gdcurry 2539 days ago

Do the ears right and is totally Spock.

_JcS_ 2539 days ago

Yes! Star Trek Myths!

teukieroo 2539 days ago


stephanie2967 2539 days ago

channeling his inner Spock!

mgleahy 2539 days ago

That's seriously, there's two huge nuts behind his head.

wow_just_wow 2539 days ago

Oh my goodness, has the world gone insane??

Darkmolerman 2539 days ago

yes yur not gonna die a horrible death! So Buster will be wearing a red shirt or maybe a ballistics dummy?

BluciaD 2539 days ago

I'm not even sure if this is logical....

Lisana 2539 days ago

Hurrah, it's not red!

GOLDOVE777 2539 days ago

Grant you are to twisted for color TV!!!LOL BUT STILL COOL!!