MARIAN PRICE should be released from internment without trial in British Occupied Ireland, because rather than being "on licence" she received a full royal pardon--the Royal Prerogative of Mercy. Vice Royal Paterson's claims that this document, which would set Marian free, has been lost or shredded.

Pat Ramsey, a Social Democratic and Labour member of the Northern Ireland Assembly recently wrote to Paterson about this "lost" pardon. He asked:

-- Where would Mrs. Price-McGlinchey's pardon have been held?
-- How many staff are currently seeking the document and in what departments?
-- Are those looking for it doing so on a full-time basis, if not, why not?
-- Has the Northern Ireland Office received comment from the judiciary on the apparent loss of the document?
-- How many Royal Prerogative's have been lost (or destroyed) that the government has record of?
-- Who is ultimately responsible for the care and maintenance of the building where these documents are kept?
-- What communication [has Paterson] personally had with this person/Department?
-- Can [Paterson] confirm the Department is still seeking the document and will do so until it is found?

Paterson contemptuously dismissed Ramsey's inquiry stating that "unfortunately the RPM (Royal Prerogative of Mercy) was not recovered but has no bearing on current circumstances."

Owen Paterson has placed himself above the British Occupied Ireland Assembly, which was supposedly elected to govern British Occupied Ireland, just as he has previously overruled the judiciary. Two judges have ruled that Marian Price should be released on bail. Each time Vice Royal Paterson negated the judge's decision and ordered Marian interned without trial in solitary confinement sensory deprivation torture, for which Britain promised to cease when previously found guilty of the same torture by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Paterson is determined to keep Marian Price locked up to ensure the ongoing damage to her health and the behavior of the prison regime is ongoing and deliberate torture..