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team__jackson 1889 days ago

lol your face is stone cold while they are rofl!

presboomsbeard 1891 days ago


dylanz327 1899 days ago

Man shaq ur sweating and everything must not knew spicy chinese food goes rite thru ya lol

TheRichman87 1910 days ago

these men have just mastered the art of Shaq-fu

LauraChamp 1919 days ago

lol what a weird face...

hi_gloria 1921 days ago

chinese gong fu~~~

R0b0t_Samurai 1922 days ago

is this where you learned all of your bad ass fighting moves for Shaq-Fu?

BoyCottBPGas 1925 days ago

You just let me take care of these haters big Shaq they got no heart and no guys they dont no a real Shogun when they see one....

DTuriano 1925 days ago

haha too dark

lyndanicole27 1925 days ago

u look pisssedd haha

suznuz 1926 days ago

Great pic! Frame it! It's a keeper...

suznuz 1926 days ago

Great pic! It's a keeper! So many expressions to look at; Everyone is so interested, but, with a different expression. Frame it!

3NaughtyGirls 1926 days ago

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aroseisarose 1926 days ago

shaq, please be careful. we don't want the ninjas to get YOU like they did grasshopper

dwetherell 1927 days ago

I don't care who you are...that's funny!

Lakergregg 1928 days ago

Kung-Fool just realized they're laughing at him because he doesn't rebound or play defense.

untacticcal000 1928 days ago

If you are surrounded by monks that have dedicated their soul purpose in life to their religion, and you show them a small sample of how far our technology has come, it's no wonder they'd be thrilled to see it on an Android Mobile Phone. With Respect.

Miss_angela_gee 1929 days ago

LOL theyre all laughing and smiling and you look pissed haha

LamarsPhotos 1929 days ago

shaq, your PS skills are crispy.. What do you use? cs3?

helen88811zrl 1930 days ago

I wanna be there too. Is that funny?