My concept sketch for the AQ legends of Lore Alpha test Monster contest

Race: Liamerian (Leemerian)
History: Little is known about this elusive creature, they live deep in the swamps and forest of lore
the head of this creature is blind except for a large eye in the center of the serpentine belly. it said that those who gaze into its eye first succumb to paralysis, then with prolonged exposure to the eye the victims aura,(the essence of life), is drained, then the head devours the corpse. these creature are extremely sensitive to sunlight, so they wear a think cloak covering the skinned upper torso. it is rumored that these creatures can live on as to separate entities if the upper human like torso is severed from the lower serpent torso. If separated the two remain within close proximity of each other, usually working as a hunting team.  The upper torso has 4 arms which it uses for tearing into the flesh of its victims, it also has 4 spider like appendages growing from its chest, though its rare these creatures will use them to trap and hold its prey until it succumbs to death, these are more frequently used when the upper and lower torsos have been severed.
Extreme caution is advised if contact is made with this viscous predator.