SD Sukoharjo Elementary School in Indonesia is an all inclusive school thanks to @PlanIndonesia accommodating students with special needs including blindness, deafness, learning disabilities, and autism, alongside other students

Labib, ag
ed 14 has austism, and used to go to a school exclusively for children with special needs, but in his father, Raslim's, words, improved little there, “maybe because most of his friends were like him, so he was not challenged to progress.” At SD Sukoharjo there are 5 teachers certified to instruct children with special needs. Teachers received their knowledge and skills through Plan Indonesia at a 1-3 day training course in the characteristics of various disabilities and how to modify their teaching to accommodate them.

The results of the training have been tremendous. Raslim explains: “This school treated my child equally. The students know how to deal with friends with special needs nicely. The teachers are very patient, even more patient than parents.”