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7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

The damage. Sucks..

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2701 days ago

The damage. Sucks..


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titolits 2684 days ago

cool sling, wish i thought of that a few months ago when i injured both wrists

willy88cr 2686 days ago

huff...!!!!!!!!, bad luck, the life take next time

Dmatalene 2688 days ago

I did the very same thing 4 days earlier - it does, as you say, suck. A whole lot. Good luck with the rehab - between me, Levi and the pope, I think broken right wrists are the new black.

pteezy 2688 days ago

hurry and get well!!! We miss you on the road

TheFerndog 2689 days ago

Levi just looks so sad here, like a kid who can't go out and play with his friends during summer vacation.

TheFerndog 2689 days ago

Poor Levi looks like the kid that can't go out and play.

tchamberlin 2689 days ago

Levi does not look anything close to a happy camper.............

badger0001 2691 days ago

Great commentary on VS from Levi, no?

TBrady26 2691 days ago

Is Levi going to RadioShack with u Lance? Hope so. That way, if you don't win, Levi might and that would be just as least from this fan's POV.

cjmoose 2694 days ago

Bad luck, Levi. A sling is no substitute for the yellow jersey. You were a gladiator in the 09 #tdf. Get a wristSTRONG band (maybe even score an appearance on Colbert Report) and kick butt in the tour next year!

dbeacher 2694 days ago

Sacramento love to you Levi! You're a stud...even with one arm! Kick some French ass next year! We'll be watching and praying for you all the way.

Dabrof 2695 days ago

I think that if Contador runs the Tour the next year heĀ“ll be the winner

navybuckeye73 2695 days ago

Its only a broken arm.... not a broken spirit! Get well and come back strong Levi! You are certainly in the right company to do so!

MandyTregaskis 2695 days ago

OMG - yes, I would think the damage sucks.
Hugs from South Africa.

joedsumpter 2695 days ago

Bummer, get well soon!!!

davezielinski 2695 days ago

We miss not just your great riding, but the smarts you always bring to a race. Heal quickly and keep riding.

ergella 2695 days ago

ouch. tough luck levi..perhaps next year

danielcdent 2695 days ago

Godspeed Levi. Hope to see ya out on the road soon out here in the bay.

FeedMikesBrain 2695 days ago

Ouch! heal well!

gjinnewzealand 2695 days ago

i reckon you should come ride a tour in new zealand, that way it'll make you harden up and be able to handle a bump or two