2 character designs i made for a story suggestion for AQW very similar to what's happening in the span right now that i made 2 years ago. sorry it's not a great scan, but i left the original drawing in the lab. 

the 2 npc's were intended to be opposing time/reality travelers, skipping around the point where the multiple AE worlds had collided after Galanoth slayed the time dragon. in my little plot, the two time travelers bumped into one another along each section of the zone, your hero with one of them, and a copy of your hero with the other one. each time there would be a moral decision based on good or evil, you would pick one, while your copy did the other essentially cancelling out all your actions. eventually there would be a reveal of a chaos lord fueling itself on the multiple paradoxes your two characters were causing.

i haven't mentioned it since, because i couldn't remember who i'd talked to about it, and i didn't know if any of the ideas would be used in the inevitable story about the slaying of the time dragon.

the two npc's above are obviously based directly on Dr Who. i chose aspects from various doctor incarnations and shared them. the one on the right got my favorite ones.

i'd love to try and make them into armors or something, but i don't know if i have the time. i'm still very new to the flashing game.