More historical proof 4 Michael JOE Jackson-MJ christened Michael JOE Jackson Read #3-MJ simply switched dead look-alike body for his & left-letting cards fall where they lay. That's why during testimony expert said 4 propofol levels to be that high, propofol had 2 enter in an already DEAD body.

NEVER during any testimony was the body positively identified as Michael JOE Jacksons.  The autopsy said the body was identified via driver's license & autopsy says Michael Joseph Jackson, but driver's license says Michael JOE Jackson--it's just absurd how the public is not getting this information from the brain-washing major media that picks & chooses what they report & what they don't--that is NOT democracy & airwaves no longer belong 2 the public.  That is another lesson MJ is teaching us & soon the world.

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