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The legend himself Jose Mourinho

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2511 days ago

The legend himself Jose Mourinho


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GoHardHarris 2508 days ago

I was on that feild yall on last month that thang so smooth!

MezTootsiePop 2510 days ago

Chad, if Jose gets any darker he is going to darken the other side of this picture. LOL Have fun with your soccer friends cuz it's good to see you have other friends besides football players.

andreas55 2510 days ago

brilliant, he is the funniest manager ever. He is "the chosen one"!! Lol

kameezy 2510 days ago

R u sure that's not Jude Law?

ricokanaka 2510 days ago

This is cool, Chad, a whole new dimension of his Chadness. What a cool way to spend the day

anichols2 2510 days ago

Yo I play soccer for the badgers and I know a few ucla guys this is tightt mad respect for ur love of soccer

8Henrique 2510 days ago

Chizzad, I'm pretty jealous right now. Like I said before, you really need to become a Porto fan.

WEATHERMANE 2510 days ago


ShutUpJennell 2510 days ago

Your skin is so beautiful!

Massiv3 2510 days ago

Has an FCPorto Fan Myself, you just got an extra point!!! God Bless man, you and your handS!

mondoman510 2510 days ago

dont trip playa some of yo followers keep up on global sports, people dont kno soccer players be cashed out in other countries

Redsox_Frank 2510 days ago

if you could play any position in soccer what would you play? and if so for who? Im gonna guess you are gonna say striker and probably for Barca or ManU

Yundro 2511 days ago

Finally a dude from Portugal this guy had a totally undefeated season with Porto, I think a soccer season got 32 games .. Tell him to back lol

mwcoxy 2511 days ago

come on ocho... show us some real athletes

levin86 2511 days ago

I care

Vinh_Den 2511 days ago

stop it with these soccer pictures! peeps following you dont care about soccer.

DavidrChen 2511 days ago

He's dark as hell!

DannyNunes 2511 days ago

you think he knows who you are?

mattasmith 2511 days ago

haha Mourinho!
What is he doing?! Switching to being another kind of football manager?