Hi I'm Khoa. Just a quiet guy who likes to draw and enjoys playing piano. I am happy. I also like fast machines.

Finished Mercedes illustration. Download 1920x1080 wallpaper here:

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1611 days ago

Finished Mercedes illustration. Download 1920x1080 wallpaper here:


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Art_DS_Raja 1599 days ago

beautiful Iam sure mercedes benz wouldn't mind hiring u as a concept artist, that can easily qualify for a new mercedes model, hhmm is this a SSJU task?

KeraFury 1602 days ago

i feel like this one is better then th last but only because it has more deepth from multible lightsorces making it far more realistic and those headlihts are just love

HeadCrusherAE 1604 days ago

Wow, awesome. You're so good.

Nightwraith_ED 1609 days ago

Looking pro! It could easily pass for a 3D model with a stylized shader.

Lost_Affinity 1610 days ago

Now to convert to 3D!!! XD just kidding... or am i O.o

mwktstorm7200 1610 days ago

Thats really realistic and good!

SkylineSV 1610 days ago

Thanks for the feedback, guys! I just painted it in slowly with the round and chalk brushes in Photoshop. It took a while x)

Assassin9891_AE 1611 days ago

How did you do that? Epic man!

Dan_X_Doa 1611 days ago

Paintjob it :>

CarlosTheZayas 1611 days ago

looks really cool man, nice work!

JSketches 1611 days ago

damn its so freaking awesome :D

ArcherusArts 1611 days ago

Wohohoah. Nice.

ZeMageAE 1611 days ago

Wowowow, amazing

TyroniusAQW 1611 days ago

Woah it's rlly impressive piece of art! ;] Well done!