Curiosity Rover


NASA's latest mission to explore the surface of Mars. Roving the Red Planet since Aug. 5, 2012 (PDT) (Aug 6 UTC).

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Let's get ready to #Reddit! @NASAJPL scientists & engineers (& social media team) ready for your Qs:

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736 days ago

Let's get ready to #Reddit! scientists & engineers (& social media team) ready for your Qs:


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Leon_Webb 721 days ago

How does Curiousity keep sterile between samples? Does sample N residue contaminate N+1's sample?

mancomputerman 736 days ago

Are you going to post some more raw data like commands sent to the rover, etc?

majorip 736 days ago

Helloooo? May I ask you to please get out of your rover, and show me your registation and drivers license

majorip 736 days ago

Are you ready for our questions?

SuperMa95064959 736 days ago

Is there stuff on there (military) stuff that we don't know about...Are there Chinese and Russian rovers there too??

Hypertoken 736 days ago

No questions here! Just want to congratulate the team... Keep them hi-res pic's coming! Love it!

kevindank 736 days ago

Is there any reason you don't just strap a webcam to Curiosity so we can live stream every move?

cydoniashop 736 days ago

you are very cool :)

aarneb 736 days ago

What was the risk of landing on a slope to steep for the rover of similar unlandable place?

aarneb 736 days ago

Did you expect that the surface of Mars would be impacted as much as it was by the rocket blast?

mus_63 736 days ago suis content de vous...

brasiliasta 736 days ago

For when TSA is planning to get in charge?i`m planning to immigrat for Mars and wanna do it before them.

tallrobotman 736 days ago

Well done on your achievement! Can Curiosity send back colour pictures?

JunkyardBot 736 days ago

What do you think when will humans be able to inhabit Mars?