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1819 days ago



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HolyGround9505 1745 days ago

Ohhh ! they are still communists

Joann_no_e 1812 days ago

quite worrying! HUGE typing mistake they've made - they mean apparatchik - as in dictionary. U should complain to the paper, what paper is it?

veronickNowhere 1813 days ago

where are you ????

coldbeans 1816 days ago

You made it to a newspaper headline but not exactly about you as none of you are noxious, we know.

LizzyBerry 1816 days ago

We have made the news...?! Ahh but no...we are not noxious....=;(

squareone56 1817 days ago

Noxious apparatjiks eh..? You boys been on the beer and fags again..?

lilou82 1818 days ago

Noxious apparatjik...doesn't sound like you guys XD!

CatQ 1819 days ago

Noxious?? Then it's not us! We're lovely Apparat-chicks!

Miss42 1819 days ago

What a bad story... o_O

mirverweij 1819 days ago

I didn't now we were noxious.... *evil grinn*

Michela82 1819 days ago

OMG!!! O_O and now???

Fragmenting 1819 days ago

Yikes, there's a funny taste. I'd instantly change names if I were you. Nomenklatura sounds like a reasonable alternative. And it has a big plus: you can keep the chick-bit (according to the first two syllables).....

silke_ 1819 days ago

Noxious Apparatjiks? Waaaahhh!!! And which Olaf is Damian McBride? *ponders*

car73 1819 days ago

OMG!! noxious?! but don't worry...we won't remove YOU anyway ;)!