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Some of the items that I RE-made for Friday :))

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745 days ago

Some of the items that I RE-made for Friday :))


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IronFenris 730 days ago

Dual wielded doom staffs? :o

aqw_eeedy 739 days ago

what's up with every-single-f**king female armor in aqw? Y they got so small breasts?!

XnaraArts 743 days ago

I did only re-create the armor, not the sword.

AracnidAQW 743 days ago

Just know that if there's gonna be a Gate Keeper armor, we're gonna need a Shadow Spear and Reign Bringer dual wield so we can hold both weapons at the same time. o:

nex777 743 days ago

yeah this is for the span where they are bringin back armors from mq, df, and aq classic

XnaraArts 743 days ago

All I did was re-do these armor in AQW-Style. I did not want to ruin the original design with adding some other parts etc to it. The shading is different than the shading from the original one.

Lellynana 743 days ago

You do realize they're supposed to be copies right?

XnaraArts 743 days ago

what are you talking about?

Assassin9891_AE 744 days ago

Goto love that blade

XnaraArts 744 days ago

I was following the original designs. All the shading is almost same, besides I added more shading to it.

KaiiTakahashi 745 days ago

Yeah,the scythe's head is too fat,imo. D-D-D-D-D-D-DUAL STAVES? awesome,it's a must get imo. :3 Gonna wear it with DC Class. ^^

gtremmel 745 days ago

and i think the blade of the scythe turned out ABIT too fat ._.

gtremmel 745 days ago

and improved shadings too :c

gtremmel 745 days ago

could be more detailed ._.

/nooffense :c

gtremmel 745 days ago

Sean, no matter how i like you personally and your art, but you could have done better on this ._.

MGamerArts 745 days ago

not the best remakes i have seen need quite a bit of improvement

NyarlathotepAQW 745 days ago

Does the scythe actually appear on the outside of the hand? XD

Top_AE 745 days ago

Im sorry, but i dont like the armor at all as a remake......just onw opinion so it doesnt matter.....and.....two DOOM staffs?

Mido_TimeJumper 745 days ago

wish its CC

shay7799 745 days ago

Well at df that scytch is DC so i guess this would be AC