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Just an update of the manga page. Fixed the typos.

@Serlucane @Greihart_Necro @ArtemisiaAE

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611 days ago

Just an update of the manga page. Fixed the typos.


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TheGamerUkonv 436 days ago

OH GOD....I mean Nulgath... Wait What?

Zinrio666 535 days ago

Laken Looks Awesome,Even Though His Head Is Only Showing,He Still Looks Awesome XD

Zinrio666 535 days ago

You Look Like A Cry Baby :3

Aerokioku 535 days ago

I can totally picture that alien dude with a derp face under that mask going, heheheh. :P

mephilies 592 days ago

If you read, HeadCrusherAE said " Dude you should sell this in Heromart"
But I said " I dont think Ae will see a comic with blood and guts in it"
Also Revontheus "The non muscular angel " dont get to decide what goes into Heromart....

mephilies 592 days ago

I Wouldn't call this manga......
but this is Ae were talking about and Ae games are like 7+
Also Ae dont like blood and gore.

So i dont think ae will sell a comic with blood and guts in it =/

GaleWarrior 594 days ago

This isn't AE. This is Revon.

HeadCrusherAE 599 days ago

C'mon, what kinda manga doesn't have those?

mephilies 599 days ago

I dont think so....revontheus comics have blood, gore, and cussing
and if i recall ae is against all that well at-lest in the aqw department

GiraAzuha 602 days ago

JackBlackDemon 602 days ago

Laken should battling Diligaf, not Revon -_-

GiraAzuha 603 days ago


GiraAzuha 603 days ago

Should I break his horns too ?

UkanlosAkantor 605 days ago

I always wonder,does Rev catch cold not wearing any clothes? o_O

BernarHaker 607 days ago

http://twitpic.com/aj7x7s see it revontheus

HeadCrusherAE 607 days ago

You should release your own manga book on Heromart.

BernarHaker 607 days ago

I will avenge my friends and I for kill your wings

BernarHaker 607 days ago

or you can evolve in genesis of revontheus

BernarHaker 607 days ago

well dont cry for your wings maybe your wings will grow again

StormToryama 610 days ago

Oh , your wings will grow back overtime...your can do that, right?