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Miltonius Arts, LLC is an Orange County California based company Currently, working on the independent animation, AKUMI

Here's one idea for a possible Miltonius armor variation. What kind of look would you give Miltonius?

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1200 days ago

Here's one idea for a possible Miltonius armor variation. What kind of look would you give Miltonius?


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Pyroskope 1175 days ago

Pretty epic, well all of your stuff is, but when did Miltonius get down syndrume? lol

HeadCrusherAE 1195 days ago

This looks awesome! The face is a bit.. Grumpy. :D

Aqw_Dark 1196 days ago


G73DZ 1196 days ago

is he ill ? XD jk nice work

Top_AE 1197 days ago

I prefer when it follows the AQW template.....the classic version is simple, i like it! A variation would be a more detailed version or something like an Evolved version, idk

aqw_vizards01 1197 days ago

Well what do you know

bleachert 1198 days ago

the cool part about miltonnius is that he can where anything and he still looks sweet

KheldarVA 1199 days ago

I'm liking the look but I still cant like the face / hair.

Engineeraqw 1199 days ago

Very nice!, I'm thinking more evil-ness though, the armor just doesn't have enough evil feature!.

Lliathae 1199 days ago

Shoulder cape with gladiator kind of shoulder armor.. in which included flames and screaming faces. Like a torture armor kind of armor.

FadingRage 1199 days ago

I agree with the face is a little wierd but I love the armor.

ZukaiAQW 1199 days ago

Eh. Not a big fan of the face/hair.. but I love the look of the armor. Very nice.

Shydoli 1199 days ago

got to say this wuld be nice

AracnidAQW 1199 days ago

You need to start tagging your gear more often with the runes that say MILTONIUS like you did with the Grimlord Blade. It just tends to make them a hundred times more valuable and epic.

renzocristobal 1199 days ago

A spear 0:

shay7799 1199 days ago

it just so........ DERP!

VentusAe 1199 days ago

is that the one coming on aqw instead the normal miltonius,OMG im so in love with ur art

AvengerAQW 1199 days ago

me likey :D

PropheticDuck 1199 days ago

Chest hair.

Dan_X_Doa 1199 days ago

Ultimate Miltonius