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BoomDizzle a/k/a BDiddy...,

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1863 days ago


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yodeezy4sheezy 1808 days ago


karibgal01 1863 days ago

Tryin to send you a pic...just wait til you see me again...cuz I don't know how to send a pic on my blackberry

Hutchbutta 1863 days ago

They eels homie! They're delicious, really. You probably ate some if you ever had sushi, or at least had the sauce (dark brown and sweet like molasses)on your rolls. The sauce comes from boiled down eels heads, for real.

christagliatela 1863 days ago

I think im getting over my snake phobia too...lady at one of my basketball games had a huge snake and I was ready to hold it

Hajny 1863 days ago

y would anyone want to eat a snake

phabriss 1863 days ago

berk ! dunno if i have a snake phobia, but i sure don't like them !!! BERK

ShaunSyrious 1863 days ago

yeah, those look almost like eels or something.

azai109 1863 days ago

i really really want to see you there,and i will tell you that i have follow you on twitter,haha ,it's cool

bournechina 1863 days ago


azai109 1863 days ago

haha,i'm here in shanghai,welcome to china ,i love you ,but have no time to follow you ,have a good time

gjb512 1863 days ago

Damn, thats Indiana Jones Temple of Doom style!

LakerGirl1 1863 days ago

snakes are GROSS. i am petrified of them. i will never get over my phobia-EVER. anyhoo....i hope Iverson joins the clippers. he is a STUD.

cassyathena 1863 days ago

ewe they look more like worms than snakes

JonRaff 1863 days ago

You should try one lol... is that a cheap ass Styrofoam cooler???