Kristin Chenoweth


We sing because we can't speak anymore.


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amandaadair10 1874 days ago

work that hat

ppmusic2010 2385 days ago

This makes me smile.

sugar4586 2435 days ago

No one pulls off that outfit like you do, Kristin! Keep on being amazing!

rem222 2455 days ago

Wow! How do you get well over 50-feet of 'cute' into under 5-feet of you?

roxieatedpants 2473 days ago

oh my gosh! you are so cute, even in fishers clothing XD

tamirox81 2482 days ago

Well, at least you were able to wear a cute hat...

reno_sweeney 2483 days ago

I never realized how small you are. The little toy poodle of Broadway!!!

bethanyrockett 2498 days ago

I love it. you look so cuuutee! haha.

Sihong0947 2498 days ago

This looks fun. I can picture an Olive seen like this. My friend and I like Pushing Daisies so much we're making a fan episode, I ger to play Kristin!

missgalinda 2499 days ago

Heehee. she looks like me :)... or I look like her... whatev :)

jckhot4krstn 2500 days ago

Good July for Kristin , an Emmy nomination on Thursday,16,the Pushing Daisies DVDs comes out Tuesday,21 and Kristi's birthday on Friday,24 !!!
Also on Monday,20,the 40th Anniversary of the Moon landing !!!

jckhot4krstn 2500 days ago

Cute outfit Kristi , I could picture Olive going fishing looking like that , but Kristin looked very hot and very sexy , as Olive in that mermaid outfit with the bikini top !!!! Hope for a good catch Kristin!!

broadwaystar1pa 2501 days ago

Looks like Kristin is having alot if fun in Calgary.. Happy Birthday btw I hope you have a great one. Can't wait to see you in Love, Loss and What I wore.

jckhot4krstn 2502 days ago

On Kimmel's TV show,last year,Kristin celebrated her B'Day on the set of Pushing Daisies,and showed a picture of Kristi's B'day cake(2 big green olive shapes), and now Kristin buying lingerie,that's very special!!

jckhot4krstn 2502 days ago

Looks like FUN,Kristi,(fishing in Calgary),also would love to see lingerie,Kristin LOL!! Next week Friday,the 24th , wonder what's the agenda for the Big Day Kristin LOL!! Last year,at Pushing Daisies...

chboz 2502 days ago

Water looks cold in Calgary,bout time to head for the lower 48! Kristi, would love to see you in a musical varity spec for t.v. Good luck with the nomition, Olive is missed!

braghaggers 2502 days ago

Love the outfit haha!

chenolicious218 2503 days ago

holy crapola my dad is a carp fisherman and has been in international ternaments it ould be so awsome is he coached kristin chenoweth!!!!!!!!

jckhot4krstn 2503 days ago

So I'm "pushing" for a lot of "Pushing Daisies" fans to make sure Kristin WINS the Emmy for Best supporting actress in a comedy and "Honor" Kristi's performance as Olive Snook , Kristin deserves this,good things happen for good people!!

jckhot4krstn 2503 days ago

This would be considered a minor honor,if nominating Kristi,the only nominee for "Pushing Daisies",and not winning,for a great and
fan-favorite "cancelled" TV show,nobody remembers the losers for the awards!!