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Oljan Genc
Jonathan Silvestri
Jonathan Linsley
Christopher Dunne
Cornelius Macarthy
Matthew Chambers
Sophie Walton
Saul Reichlin
David Andrews
Hannah Waterman

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 Patient with multiple personalities sketches her 17 alter egos.  If this movie were a tool, it would be a sledgehammer. She absolutely hates the movie.  viewers will be hooked.  Elaine and her boyfriend are seeing The English Patient.  $278,439 (USA) (17 November 1996) (10 Screens).   Committed on Lifetime Movie Network |  So is she a patient or a doctor at the Milburn Institute? Celeste.   Uma Thurman Biography - Yahoo! Movies  Movies. 1997)  The Real Hungarian Count Was No 'English Patient' - New York Times  The character compassionately depicted in the film ''The English Patient'' as a desert explorer of enigmatic origins is based on a real-life Hungarian who.   "Seinfeld" The English Patient (TV episode 1997) - IMDb  Elaine is dragged to see the movie "The English Patient" on multiple occasions, even.   8 Movies About Health Care the Senate Should Watch - The Moviefone.   The English Patient (1996) - IMDb  Beginning in the 1930's, "The English Patient" tells the. Following an unorthodox childhood spent.  has sketched her alter egos — all 17.  Patient #26 from Superheroine World — Heroine Movies .  Buy Movies on DVD & Blu-ray: Amazon Italy Buy Movies on  Watch Seinfeld - Season 8 Episode 17: The English Patient  Watch Seinfeld - Season 8 Episode 17: The English Patient online, Seinfeld - Season 8 Episode. . Committed premiers Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 8 pm ET/ 5 pm PT on Lifetime Movie.