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Jacob Gade

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July 24.   Annals of Music in America A Chronological Record of Significant.  Jealousy - Romanesca - Spanish Eyes - Sunny Havana.   Hence such items as the printing of the first book on music, the importation of. Dance of the Spanish Onion. July 24.  Romanesca(1933) Jacob Gade recorded by Hutch on HMV BD.  The object of this book is to give as complete a record as possible of the.  Concert Tango for violin and piano with seperate violin part.   The Sheetmusic Warehouse - Search for "Piano"  Bellini, arranged by William Hutchins Callcott I Puritani Book 1, Favourite Airs (in three books) selected from I Puritani adapted for piano with an accompaniment for the.   Mantovani - Discography  Adios, Muchachos, concert tango; 13.  Greensleeves (Balcarres Lute Book) 9.  Massenet's "Variations" and Rameau's "Romanesca," 1877. Siboney; 3. July 24