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Materazzi, headed butted by Zidane in the World Cup Final

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2119 days ago

Materazzi, headed butted by Zidane in the World Cup Final


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Mariya111777 2011 days ago

do you really watch soccer?? i hace yet to meet an American who likes soccer..

ZachDrake 2116 days ago

he's a punk bitch

njoyce23 2116 days ago

Ocho Cinco is one of the greatest athletes known to man...ya'll keep HATERSSS..but keep hating ur makin my boii 85 more famous!!

AestheticsNow 2116 days ago

Negative on Marco Mazarreti

coachguru2009 2116 days ago

he's famous for getting his @#! kicked or should I say head butted. No thanks, I don't want to be famous for something like that

MezTootsiePop 2118 days ago

Chad, this guy is hotter than the other one. Hook me up with him if he is available for some loving.

NickPisc 2119 days ago check it out OCHO! New HIP SONG!

bertocimmi 2119 days ago

no helmet for Materazzi

Yundro 2119 days ago

Try to play soccer wit dis dude he always tryin to kick sumbody

TheRealJimRice 2119 days ago

dude sucks

sugatolo 2119 days ago

If you Only Knew what he told Zidane to get head butted you might not be taking that picture with him!!

evanthegreatone 2119 days ago

of course ochocinco can play soccer. Probably just as good as he plays football. He's an athlete from Miami. Simply the best!

_edwinn 2119 days ago

u should head butt him 2 lol

mlozano9 2119 days ago

Marco sei un grande!!! Forza Azzurra!!!

mlozano9 2119 days ago

Tell him I'm still laughing since the infamous Zidane-Materazzi incident! Hahahaha

jonahpapi 2119 days ago

do you even know how to play soccer?

budman625 2119 days ago

I wish he would headbutt you!!! GO DAWGS!!!