Yes I am fake.

Done :)

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1416 days ago

Done :)


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HolyKing_AE 1366 days ago

My acc name is Azume Bloom doesnt have much but it also has alot of rares.

HolyKing_AE 1366 days ago

Im also looking for lvl 26+

HolyKing_AE 1366 days ago

Hello im using my brothers twitpic acc to say that im trading my aqw acc lvl 31 im curently in minimal

Veneeria_AQW 1413 days ago

really cool man. Really cool.. best skyguard armor.. ever.

Rezaj_Imba 1414 days ago

Some kind of cowboy hat.. I think?

Rezaj_Imba 1414 days ago

At least make this non-mem..so Sky Hunter is not the only cool non-mem in the shop

LeBlueist 1415 days ago

Shay, even though it will be non-mem, you will still need mem to access the shop

AgyronJ 1416 days ago

:3 Skyguard

shay7799 1416 days ago

who knows maybe it will be non mem sometimes they add non mem stuff for
the rep shop

Vorpalx_LG 1416 days ago

nice too bad im non mem,cant you recolour and add to quibble pwease!

FLLegacy 1416 days ago

So good I cry :D

Cody486AE 1416 days ago

Congrats this is awesome! :D

xCibrocKx 1416 days ago

KEWL :0 and i agree with Quintenii

Quintenii_AE 1416 days ago

Awesome! :D All it needs now, is a hat and an evil smile :d

1023404 1416 days ago