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In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. I was also born.

So our next statue,sorry.. this 1 wasn't on our  historical mustbe some sort of cowboy tribute..

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2633 days ago

So our next statue,sorry.. this 1 wasn't on our historical mustbe some sort of cowboy tribute..


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KaeKay2009 2630 days ago


myraannn 2632 days ago

dude you should probably come back home, to west virginia we miss you quite terribly.

Ironbutt71 2632 days ago

Never a dull moment with you. Friend fan smile.

BKuBiCa 2632 days ago

That's a damn good lookin' statue!

Jenpaisley 2633 days ago

Look at my type O's I get so excited when I see you BUTT.

Jenpaisley 2633 days ago

You are onm my list........I love it when they take you picture from have the best but in DC...."Don't worry babe I've got your back.....I've also got your front"....

RNluvPaisley 2633 days ago

What sucks find out while you are at Air & Space Museum...your fav country music singer is down at the other end of the Mall and you don't know it...: (

Staynergirl 2633 days ago

Yes, but you'll definitly make the historical list one day. But honey, take your time, cause we don't mind... waiting on you to get there. XOX, Love and kisses from your BIGGEST fan in Stayner, Ontario, Canada.

IrishPiscesGal 2633 days ago

Now that's really cool!! : )

pdyrholm 2633 days ago

Just point me to the cooler :-)
It looks like just the thing the nations capitol needs... ohh and have someone else drive out of DC... traffic isn't all that fun (Mr. Currington is right in this case)

Cantrell_Amanda 2633 days ago

I totally agree sbanders1 :-)

ScottAmerica 2633 days ago

How was the white house gig? Are you stickin around DC on Thursday? God bless ya man. I hope you are well.

Sarah_Anders 2633 days ago

Funny that is my idea of a American Saturday Night.

spaundrummer1 2633 days ago

hey cowboy what kinda guitar ya got don't tell me .let me guess and if i am right i win the seat of my choice in

kalshingleton 2633 days ago

omg i love this picture soooo much!!!!

faith4jesusmom 2633 days ago


MeggKillough 2633 days ago

Wow nice spot lite there for the crowd. Lincoln has nothing on this statue! LOL

Jlapper 2633 days ago

I love your Tweets, keep them coming. Love this shot!

mommy_2_two 2633 days ago

I'd like to have that statue in my bedroom

MaryK61 2633 days ago

I think I saw this monument on the History Channel....ha-ha...cute!