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Ahahaheheheheheheheheheheh muahahhahaahahahahahahah *endless laughter* #OVERSOUL @MiltoniusArts @Nulgath

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1534 days ago

Ahahaheheheheheheheheheheh muahahhahaahahahahahahah *endless laughter* #OVERSOUL


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XIncandescentX 1533 days ago

"Need to Sharpen my Blade... Make it shiny... gleamy!! And oh so... Deadly"

Cicero FTW

sterrobdx 1533 days ago

o great a clown (sigh) *summons his oblivion, time to kill a clown sorry guys i don't do clowns

sandezboy 1533 days ago

Oh god for some reason it reminds me of Card Clasher.Plz let it be Evo Card Clasher. Plz Plz Plz! x3

gab51299 1533 days ago

Lol, stolen idea that was supposed to be for Dage

TaylorKempinski 1533 days ago

Jester of Revontheus

LoreDSL 1534 days ago

Shaco and twisted fate made a fusion?

Killer_Bandit 1534 days ago


Huge0002 1534 days ago

OMG the twisted clown/jester......my HS look :D

ZeMageAE 1534 days ago


NatalonAE 1534 days ago

Cool :o

jehoashgacrama 1534 days ago

the joker from the underworld

Potsgovno 1534 days ago


mara_muda 1534 days ago

im scared of clowns so im out of here o_o

KaiiTakahashi 1534 days ago

hope to see this in OS,i'd love to posess this guy :)

casperong13 1534 days ago

Joker/Jester of Revontheus?

johnlor1 1534 days ago

Ahahaheheheheheheheheheheh muahahhahaahahahahahahah *endless laughter*

DTAQW 1534 days ago

Endless laughing in OS. I like where this is going...

Cody486AE 1534 days ago

What is that! D:

SoulAlly_Hanna 1534 days ago

I is liking!