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How To Deal With Jealous People
Jealousy Is a Natural Emotion That Must Be Dealt With Wisely
The negative aura that surrounds you when in the jealous person's company. The jealous person exudes such a negative energy towards the person they are jealous of, that the latter can literally feel very uneasy and tense around them, akin to "being guilty until proven innocent". The warmth and friendliness are suddenly gone. 
It can be a Nightmare -
Never stoop to their level! Don't fight fire with fire. If you start returning tit for tat, you are no better than they. Two negatives don't make a positive. Don't resort to revenge, no matter how tempted you might be. Some gossip-mongers might entice you to a cat-fight by saying, "Did you hear what [jealous person] said about you?". Ignore these attempts at war; others just want to be entertained at your expense. It will make the situation even worse if you returned the favours.