@steveharvey (Friends Please Share & Re-Tweet)...I've learned that the enemy of your destiny only has 3 tired tricks. Distraction, Deceit/Doubt, and Discouragement. Unfortunately because many of the people around you do not realize he is a defeated foe, THEY will allow the negativity to flow through them and into your life (if you allow it). When you have the courage to take DECEIT/DOUBT & DISCOURAGEMENT and look it DEAD IN THE FACE, it will always cower down & turn away! When you live & operate with people in good conscience & sincerity, it gives you an unstoppable strength overcome, and run-down ANY & EVERY negative spirit that may come your way, be it friend, foe or enemy. When you lose a "friend" because someone talks bad behind your back, SAY THANK YOU. They weren't your friend to begin with, lol. The deceiver just did you a favor! "No Man Is My Friend, No Man Is My Enemy, But All Men Are My Teachers!" #NothingIsImpossible TheAbundantMind