Curiosity Rover


NASA's latest mission to explore the surface of Mars. Roving the Red Planet since Aug. 5, 2012 (PDT) (Aug 6 UTC).

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Eye in the Sky: MRO's @HiRISE camera caught this shot of me & my parachute during landing at Mars #MSL

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620 days ago

Eye in the Sky: MRO's camera caught this shot of me & my parachute during landing at Mars #MSL


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oosa2 616 days ago

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Axpoet 617 days ago


MrGonnadoo 618 days ago

Awww c'mon guys, now you're just showing off ..... : ))

chiptoll 618 days ago

Suddenly we've entered the Age of Robot Paparazzi...

elbonobo 620 days ago

w.o.w. now curiosity, you aint photoshoppin' this right!? holy cow. moo.

kirkomrik 620 days ago

Grandest of all uncrewed missions: Viking, voyager, pioneer and Venera 9

kirkomrik 620 days ago

We'll see if all instrmnts work bt this could be on scale of Viking I,II. Nothing like it since

oktaysevinc 620 days ago

i don't know enough adjectives to describe this moment in history of mankind

BlakeLogan 620 days ago


KnightCharon 620 days ago

Truly Amazing Eye Picture. A Journey into the New World of Mars.

royjm 620 days ago

The word "mindblowing" is over-used these days, but it's justified for this pic.

hlooman 620 days ago


GlitterDBA 620 days ago

Epic !!!

cydoniashop 620 days ago

Great Shot! Photos Galore WANTED :)

eegg 620 days ago


MSAstro 620 days ago

Perfect timing, that must have taken some planning ;)

jatiabi 620 days ago

I logged in just to complement this AMAZING and HISTORICAL pic! Long live NASA and Curiosity!!!!

_AndResRock 620 days ago


aliendial 620 days ago

Speechless - you (and NASA) ROCK!

AutoSu 620 days ago

Stunning Photo. Fantastic job, ! Kudos.