Curiosity Rover


NASA's latest mission to explore the surface of Mars. Roving the Red Planet since Aug. 5, 2012 (PDT) (Aug 6 UTC).

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Once more, without the clear dust cover. Here's the "fisheye" pic from my rear Hazcam #MSL

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745 days ago

Once more, without the clear dust cover. Here's the "fisheye" pic from my rear Hazcam #MSL


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olegmiroff 745 days ago

I would like to walk over there

Durdharsh 745 days ago

Amazing story of curiosity

powerhungryfilm 745 days ago

We live in amazing times. Thx for posting! !

JudgeWeIIington 745 days ago

I love fried seafood too much to ever go to Mars, I think.

MeanderLight 745 days ago

Great stuff

Cool_Man99 745 days ago

Good job buddy, show us Mars' women in bikinis, but we'll wait for the color pics, wink, wink

mrbvb 745 days ago

Cool.... Extra terrestrial dirt!

AmbarHamid 745 days ago

Looks like you've just landed at my local beach!! Just joking! :)

thecinemafan 745 days ago

Awesome i am looking forward to more photos, thank you #MSL

mamepoppo 745 days ago

Wonderful picture! I want more pic.

yoshi_lol 745 days ago

great pic! thanks

MisterInvisible 745 days ago

There were only 2 White Stripes, - Jack and Meg.

Alkid_penza 745 days ago

На стекле пыли или конденсат?

rockbam 745 days ago

It's a spring from part of the mechanism that fired off the dust cover on the camera lens. More here

brianadair 745 days ago

dust cover removal (third try)

Eskimotracker 745 days ago

Curiosity has removable lens covers. They collected the dust upon impact, then were ejected off.

SoCatsNights 745 days ago

looks pretty quiet up there

_R_S_S_ 745 days ago

Is it true Tim Berners-Lee is claiming he created Mars at CERN?

JimmyBrogan 745 days ago

Cool. Thanks.