Oversoul! The Card Based PvP Game!

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1 poster signed. Only 500+ more to go...   http://www.facebook.com/OversoulGame

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620 days ago

1 poster signed. Only 500+ more to go... http://www.facebook.com/OversoulGame


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SkylineSV 611 days ago

Dude I have that same spinning table

zorousbladeAE 615 days ago

one of those will be mine :3

GaboxRadke 617 days ago

A lot of people in panama want it. Can we buy it?

Necro_Zayrus 618 days ago

, si lo puedes llegar a comprar pero deberas pagar los costos de envio :S...

Luminitos 619 days ago

I definitely will purchase this poster. Dreadfiend and throw-back Dage! AW YEAH!

ajsedo 619 days ago

http://twitpic.com/afpf4j hope you like it nulgath

StellalunaAE 619 days ago


icewizard95 620 days ago

Looks tight. Will buy it for sure.

LucianoCaffaro 620 days ago

im from argentina, can i buy it ? i want it a lot

DTAQW 620 days ago

Lol, good luck on the rest. Try not to hurt that artist hand, Milton.

KaiiTakahashi 620 days ago

Sweet,definitely gona buy a signed poster! :D

Tuskasami 620 days ago

It comes with a armor set that nulgath made, and i think it will also come with a dage armor set set

microman123 620 days ago

what does this come with as in an item of some sort

ZeMageAE 620 days ago


HEB_AE 620 days ago


LLBALDWINLL_AE 620 days ago

That's a lot of copies Milt! I wish that signature was Milt J Pool again. ;)

Belozw_AE 620 days ago

Where Milt, in HeroMart?

GarkoksDran 620 days ago

A picture to tell the size of the dreadfiend armor that comes with the poster plz.

QwertyVictor 620 days ago

How much is it. ill buy it even if its 50 bucks. (for the aqw items ofc)

KheldarVA 620 days ago

You have alot of work ahead of you! Check this Nulgath! http://twitpic.com/ac9fhe