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 Hulk #25 - Scorched Earth Pt. Take cover, here comes a rampaging engine of.   Red Hulk: Scorched Earth - Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman - Google Books  Take cover, here comes a rampaging engine of awesome force--and we're talking about our creative team of Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman bringing RED HULK into a new.   Take cover as Red Hulk enters a new age of sci-fi adventure! The score has been settled; the Incredible Hulk has beaten Red Hulk decisively.   Scorched Earth: A Redemptive Moment for Red Hulk (HULK #26-29 4-in.  the fleshing out of Red Hulk's world and personality in the series starts in the opening "Scorched Earth.  Red Hulk: Scorched Earth may be coming in trade paperback to a comic shop near you in April. 1: Singularity; Step Up; Hulk Skiing.   Red Hulk has 49 ratings and 6 reviews. This book collects "Hulk" issues 25-30 from.  Incredible Hulks hoopla, I've been remiss in reviewing that other Hulk book. 1: Singularity; Step Up; Hulk Skiing is a comic book published by Marvel & released on 11 / 1 / 2010  ‘Red Hulk: Scorched Earth’ review | Cary's Comics Craze  … but if that’s the case, it certainly wasn’t evident in RED HULK: SCORCHED EARTH..  . . Now, Steve Rogers is on. Customer Reviews: Red Hulk: Scorched Earth  Available now is the collected edition of Jeff Parker's and Gabriel Hardman's "Red Hulk: Scorched Earth" trade paperback.  Scorched Earth Pt.   Red Hulk: Scorched Earth by Jeff Parker - Reviews, Discussion.  comic books, reviews, trade paperbacks, TV  Red Hulk TPB Scorched Earth at  Art Books: GN Genres: Action-Adventure: Fantasy: Horror: Humor: Manga: Science-Fiction. *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers