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I love you too Brazil<3

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752 days ago

I love you too Brazil<3


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thamithayna 584 days ago

I Love You Princess <3

familyjbforever 734 days ago

haha Loves you baby ♥

fckscanadian 734 days ago


whobiebs 749 days ago

you're my inspiration <3

whobiebs 749 days ago

awwwwwwwwwwn, Brazil loves ya so much baby

_JBieberMyAngel 749 days ago

we love you too, okay?

Beatriz_Teen 751 days ago

Awwn <3 I Love You Princess ((:

LailaMeneguelli 751 days ago

Awn princess,we love you so much s22222

Wife_do_Jhonson 751 days ago

awn i love u.. follow me please?

StyleDoJustin 751 days ago

Awn! Our Princess! We loves you ♥ You are our inspiration!

Sexydrewb 751 days ago

awnn, princess <3 love u ♥

bieber_jbieber 752 days ago

awnnn, I love you! <3

airbydrew 752 days ago

Ownt, my princess! WE loves you, and so much!

trustsdrew 752 days ago


opsdrbieber 752 days ago

we love you! yes, brazil loves caitlin <3

bitesdrew 752 days ago

Brazil Loves you so much

opscaitlin 752 days ago

I was glad you have seen. I love you forever.

shinesjb 752 days ago

i'm from brazil but i don't love you xoxo

DreambigJDB 752 days ago

Mexico loves you too <3

BiebsMyAngell 752 days ago

Please come to Brazil!! <33 You have a lot of supporters here who would love to meet you <3