TEACHABLE MOMENT: Gabrielle Douglas won the Womens All-Around Gold, but what's the hype about @gabrielledoug hair? 
Ok, I've been getting private messages to address this... primarily from my non-African American friends and those unfamiliar with the Black women hair world. So hey, so I figured I'll explain it. 
There were a lot of negative comments from African-Americans on social media about Gabby's hair being "nappy and "unkept." 
To break it down: the 16-yearold has chemically straightened hair and pulls it back into a ponytail or bun of hair extensions. She's using barrettes and gel to keep stray hair in place. 
IF YOU ADD GEL, SWEAT OR ANYTHING WET to (most of) our hair it "goes back"  and tries to revert to it's pseudo-natural state. 
Harsh hair commentary similar to the Twitter taunts mirror the same elements that deter so many African-American women from physical activity. The worse of it was that these criticisms came from black people.
SMH... I can't with this.
OK, I hope that helped clear up the confusion. 
Nicki Mayo @NickiMayoNews
A sistah with a "perm" relaxer working out and dealing with this mess every day.