Chris Bosh


Allstar, Gold Medalist, Captain Toronto Raptors

Checkmate. 50k. Proof. Thank you Bosh Twitter Army!

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2142 days ago

Checkmate. 50k. Proof. Thank you Bosh Twitter Army!


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Cavalette23 2089 days ago

You know what uniform I would like to see you in--in 2010!!!

freestylezz 2139 days ago

lol, wana race with me for a million followers? u have a head start

singhstor 2140 days ago

Congrats CB4 ! Lets Go Raps ... lets make this a 100K now

faris_freecola 2142 days ago

i was cheering for u until cv31 got traded to detroit and i kind have to support my team. . . .

brandenAM 2142 days ago


RapsFan4lyfe 2142 days ago

CB4! CB4! CB4!

babeeallison 2142 days ago

Congrats CB4! Go Raptors

pjmserrano 2142 days ago

congrats CB4! just ship my sneakers! i'll shoulder the charges! hahaha...

donnavitan 2142 days ago

Congratulations! Go Raptors!

amer17 2142 days ago

Yessss finally.... Congrats chris .. I'll watch espn. B.T.W: I worked soooo hard to get you as much followers as I can

phabriss 2142 days ago

i hope will shout me out for all i did last night to help u get to 50k

phabriss 2142 days ago

what will u make do in ur youtube video ?

phabriss 2142 days ago

congrats 2 4 winnin da bet against who gave him a good fight.

Jom_Chakkraphob 2142 days ago

Congrats Chris, cant wait to watch espn tomorrow

Gussi10 2142 days ago

Yo bosh man much love man congrats bro we worled hard to help u out man but bro ur the man much love

Matutator 2142 days ago

Yeah we did it^^
Nothing better than work as a team.

13ENNY 2142 days ago

congrats CB, hard work always pays off, he never stood a chance

foxxyjewell 2142 days ago

congratulations and you're welcome, lol.

bennyeung_8 2142 days ago

congratz CB4!! make Charlie V do this

followwme 2142 days ago

Ay good s*** man you put in the work while Charlie V sat back. No idea what he was thinkin' but his red flag went up too late. Haha. Anyways I was ridin' wit ya all day (12:30 this afternoon til we won at 3am) hope you can shout me out, Ravi from Laurel