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Yea this won't be coming out... sorry guys.

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847 days ago

Yea this won't be coming out... sorry guys.


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Zinrio666 760 days ago

Love The Katana Sheathes

ClubShawnz 841 days ago

Mini Revontheus XD

coldath 845 days ago

put a shirt on it that the only thing that seems to be stopping it

HeadCrusherAE 846 days ago

You'd feel too small then, eh? :P

ZeMageAE 846 days ago

:D Mini rev

50ShadesOfDJWS 846 days ago

well u need a personal armor of ur own good sir :3

HEB_AE 847 days ago

or maybe release that as a pet

AQWBugHunter 847 days ago

After seeing this pet I would so love to use it, why would you not let us use the best pet you made?

lxinon 847 days ago

Then why did you post it??? o.e

KaiiTakahashi 847 days ago

oh,just noticed this was a super deformed version of you after staring at it for 10 minutes...

DemonifiedLord 847 days ago

P.S You should make one of the pets a quest giver ;P

DemonifiedLord 847 days ago

What if you take away the wings? Then can we keep him? :3

_GuiiR 847 days ago

That's a pet guys, visit the brazilian blog http://aqworldsbrasil.wordpress.com and view the first post and images

JeffTechnoWizAQ 847 days ago

*Puts a finger to his lips* and.. I will call him.. Mini me o3o

DarkonDrago 847 days ago

Tiny you looks awesome. lol x)

VentusAe 847 days ago

that is ? armor?or house item?

Luis_enrique_16 847 days ago

Nice :D

AQWlegionair 847 days ago

No problemo :) looks better on you anyways :P