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A different helm variation for the oblivion of revontheus.

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868 days ago

A different helm variation for the oblivion of revontheus.


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Ravenicuz 851 days ago

Can you release this helm o:?

G73DZ 862 days ago

Release this 1 when miltonius wings >:D

damascus88 863 days ago

i like this helm better then the other one very nice

metsujin13 866 days ago

will this helm be coming out?

Art_DS_Raja 866 days ago

wow just wow!

AESteven1999 866 days ago

Its epic i will buy

CrawfordSanders 866 days ago

Its not that dark, come on bro

KaiiTakahashi 866 days ago

,UkanlosAkantor looks like you've never seen shadow of nulgath.

UkanlosAkantor 866 days ago

Is there's a torch coming with this set? It's really dark...

AdrianCobus 867 days ago

too dark dude. can't see a damn thing.

Matoroo_AQW 867 days ago

That's the point. It's an evolved Shadow Void. :p

lxinon 867 days ago

Way too dark.

EliteAe 867 days ago

Gettin it if its acs or diamonds.

ariffinAE 867 days ago

Nah, Its okey

DTAQW 867 days ago

Nice, you fixed the helm. I'm still a little worried for the wings though. I still think the base should be higher up the shoulder.

twilightscream 867 days ago

aaaand getting

Monster_AE 867 days ago

I want the set for acs...

gtremmel 867 days ago


Cowctus 867 days ago


Art_DS_Raja 867 days ago

when i hear powers of darkness, this is partly what i imagine, BRILLIANT!