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Oblivion of Revontheus, I made a female version, but I won't post it up. I DO NOT KNOW THE PRICES.

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1547 days ago

Oblivion of Revontheus, I made a female version, but I won't post it up. I DO NOT KNOW THE PRICES.


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Art_DS_Raja 1543 days ago

lol i know why u wouldnt post female? Wats the price?

Damrove 1546 days ago

uhmm Rev it does its too Dark

Aeythur 1546 days ago

Anyways, good job!

Aeythur 1546 days ago

That polearm better be CC.... I was super disappointed at the Shadow Scythe of Revontheus.

Paul_Apollo 1547 days ago

Awesome. Lovin' the armblades :)

Necro_Zayrus 1547 days ago

Only see my image and you will see that you are completely wrong :D , Nice work Rev!

NazAQW 1547 days ago

It looks glorious, Rev.

You have just guaranteed victory for Nulgath, no legionnaire can resist. =P

Axe459 1547 days ago

Kind of like shadow it should have brighter colors though or at least be cc for your skin

Razor_500 1547 days ago

nice work rev. hey check out this armor i made http://twitpic.com/9ot2xr

glydingonwater 1547 days ago

I really want to see the armor details =/

lxinon 1547 days ago

I hate it.

SoulAlly_Hanna 1547 days ago

o.o im having a "must have" moment.

Revontheus 1547 days ago

I made my own.

CrawfordSanders 1547 days ago

O-M-G O-M-G you listend me!!!!!!!

Chaosyn 1547 days ago

.....Oh...My.God...I HAVE to have that...

KaiiTakahashi 1547 days ago

no,rev doesn't use it. I'm sure he's using the old AQW template.

KaiiTakahashi 1547 days ago

I had to see this on my iphone since it was too dark to see it on my desktop. Looks awesome!

HancokUndead 1547 days ago

I liek dis

DzArethusa 1547 days ago

Maybe make "almost black" colour brighter, it seems to black >.< hard to see those epic muscles, hehe, just a suggestion. Btw ill get that epic armor if it needs diamond yay!

kartron_ 1547 days ago

you are using dage's new template right, btw nice armor