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Crack chick

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2543 days ago

Crack chick


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atkinsfan94 2523 days ago


atkinsfan94 2523 days ago

holy cowpies

stripedpjs 2533 days ago

is that the crack when she whipped one of the boys?? lol!

deremyunderhill 2543 days ago

Post the video of Crack Chick! We need more updates about Crack Chick!

jlwixom 2543 days ago

In response to the tweets: LMFAO, or ROFL doesn't even come close!

ABrungard07 2543 days ago

HAHAHA you had me crackin up at work last night reading all you little tweets!! Crazy

penutshel 2543 days ago

We hope you guys made it to Wisconsin without your band members fighting over this crack chick!

PAMOMonaMission 2543 days ago

There's definitely crack involved..just not what I thought!

elishamae94 2543 days ago

Wow! That's gonna be a fight for the record books (not)!!!

maysftball13 2543 days ago

woah ? wat in the world?

bigred3319 2543 days ago

why are all the crazy ones kinda hot?

hayleaholmes 2543 days ago

I wanna see the fight haha

HeidiB921 2543 days ago

That's going to be one interesting fight...

AaronIsREAL 2543 days ago

Start taping...I wanna see it :)