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Some different colors.

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1368 days ago

Some different colors.


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JeffTechnoWizAQ 1367 days ago

Or if there is a symbol for the #LorelympicsEvents Shrink that down and fit it onto the outfit! Hopefully it not just the Dragon Head Member symbol.

JeffTechnoWizAQ 1367 days ago

I don';t know why. But it just seems like a everyday joe blows running track outfit. Not something that would belong to a official sports event or something. Maybe try adding a better personal tag onto it?

JeffTechnoWizAQ 1367 days ago

Mmm I don't know. Seems decent enough. But how about trying a Weight lifting outfit?

l3r421L 1368 days ago

Sorry man , these armors havent connection with Olympic games ...

hadded1aqw 1368 days ago

wow i like the red one

Model_Y_ 1368 days ago

Darn, I wanted to go red, white and blue, #TeamGB

PicosaAqw 1368 days ago

thats awesome =D

XnaraArts 1368 days ago

Theres not a price on it yet, it will most likely be AC's. EVERYTHING on it CC besides the "2012" mark. Enjoy. >__________<

KniteM_AS 1368 days ago

Awesome! Um, can we get some Puma things too? (With permission from them, change name)

Luis_enrique_16 1368 days ago

no mem ?

gunkoni 1368 days ago

Should i say "wow" lol... see u in game!

XnaraArts 1368 days ago

Yes the shoes are CC..

Giransu_Noa 1368 days ago


Giransu_Noa 1368 days ago

shoes looks wierd chage it

Luis_enrique_16 1368 days ago

Nice Aranx

AstralFyre 1368 days ago

OOOOOOO the boot could use some strips...