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I hate to break promises...Oblivion of Revontheus Sketch

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1700 days ago

I hate to break promises...Oblivion of Revontheus Sketch


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AnchusAE 1699 days ago

The desire is high with this one.

Coxy_XD 1699 days ago

Looks nice so far, can't wait to see it finish ^_^ (hopefully for me, this might mean you might make some more neofiend helms ;P, a Coxy can hope can he ;P?)

DarkPhoenixAE 1699 days ago

Looks like Xan From AQ.

mieteor 1699 days ago

This looks awesome. Hoping theres an alt version of the helm with some sort of hair flowing back.

metsujin13 1700 days ago

do away with the loin cloth please.

makialakkary 1700 days ago

u are awesome revon dage always breaks his promises

Tanapon_chp 1700 days ago

And this one looks great.

Tanapon_chp 1700 days ago

Meh, I personally hate it when someone break his own promises, but this one I forgive you <3

AqwHewitt1 1700 days ago

I can see the the shadow resemblance and I like it

DoomWielder 1700 days ago

So which promise did you break exactly? Not being on twitter for a month or a different one?

Ravenitic 1700 days ago

Finally horns!

KaiiTakahashi 1700 days ago

Tis alright,promises were made to be broken. :P

Dsx419 1700 days ago

remnids me of the watcher from darksiders

omitted_name 1700 days ago

amazing but the wrist spike is a bit much along with that on the fore arms

Teh_Mr_E 1700 days ago

I like that there's no eyes. Makes it look creepier.

DTAQW 1700 days ago

It's good to see you again. Whatever this is, I'm excited to see the finished product.

Chaosyn 1700 days ago

that.is.SICK! I LOVE it! That's gonna be sweet I just know it!

Artist_4_Hire 1700 days ago

Another creation for oversoul?

mturf 1700 days ago

oo, creepy, i likes

Axe459 1700 days ago

Rev I wish I could hug you right now