as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

new sword for this week possibly? CC glows etc

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1637 days ago

new sword for this week possibly? CC glows etc


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xXwakaXwakaXx 1628 days ago

could you make the handle cc too please

Veneeria_AQW 1633 days ago

Woah, nice runes.

ZeMageAE 1635 days ago

Wow, very cool Dage, nice work

GaleWarrior 1636 days ago

I like how every rune is unique.

LaochAnamAE 1636 days ago

Nice :)

Zee_AQ 1636 days ago

Me Gusta! xDD

jehoashgacrama 1636 days ago

dage can you please put the altar of caladblog on the ac rares for 200 ac's? i dont have much ac's bec i kept opening treasurechest

Tanapon_chp 1636 days ago


HEB_AE 1636 days ago

heh, thats nice

cysero3 1636 days ago

this is awesome dage

R16_AE 1636 days ago

Looks as though it'll match gilded magistrate , awesome :D

J1KTheGamer 1636 days ago

i NEED this sword AoA

EroLord 1636 days ago

iT Reminds Me Of LOTR :P

Kjeldor 1636 days ago

Megas_Light 1636 days ago

Nice sword.

666zackaqw 1636 days ago

now Dage just because this is the last week of the war and your expected to release tons of new items doesn't mean u have to rush threw them take your time and make them good :D

icewizard95 1637 days ago

Lol, this looks like something to go with the Golden Zombie Slayer :3

Aeldrethx 1637 days ago

Awesome, cant wait to wield this beast ;)

BlackKnight88AE 1637 days ago

that is one beastly lookin sword cant wait to have my hands on it lol

gab51299 1637 days ago

Fully CC? Amazing.