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Changed the cape&hood colors, this is how it will look like. The scars are CC and the skin is CC.

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1395 days ago

Changed the cape&hood colors, this is how it will look like. The scars are CC and the skin is CC.


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GiraAzuha 1379 days ago

hey there's something wrong on Legoin Fighter.why i had a girly eyebrow

gab51299 1392 days ago

Make the scars glow, would be cool.

AdrianCobus 1394 days ago

Now, that's more like it. Im soooo gonna get this <3

Artist_4_Hire 1394 days ago

this armor is a tad too busy for my taste. and I'm not really into the face.but the concept is nice.

Sed_gewic 1394 days ago

good one

arthas1423 1395 days ago

For the love of god just make the whole face with the tattoo/scars...

EpiCtheWatson 1395 days ago

:\ I actually preferred the other version but, this one is good too. Still going to buy it though!xD

Top_AE 1395 days ago

Yea, i prefer this version. Nce work!

AqwLgndary 1395 days ago

Nice job Aranx, I will surely be buying this.

Neored64 1395 days ago

Glad to see you fixed the coloring! If it's tokens I might have to start farming again so I can get it

Chaosyn 1395 days ago

Will the Scars be CC to eyes? I think they should....

Starzo8234 1395 days ago

Why not make the cape and cloth cc aswell, because I preferred the blue cloth

TheManWithABox 1395 days ago

i want it gimme

shay7799 1395 days ago


FallFire 1395 days ago

looks great man, im supper excited for this armor

OversoulTuts 1395 days ago

Maybe you could make all the cloth on this one Dark Caster Green. It would look better i think. :3

Art_DS_Raja 1395 days ago

it looks great and amazing but again, it doesn't look legit legion, looks great tho but just not legion

evokersoul 1395 days ago

personally i liked it better before but it still looks nice good job

Adjaye1 1395 days ago

Please tell me tokens bro.. Also Excellent work, I'll say the best out of all of them!