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Female version of this armor, it will be released on Friday (for the Legion side)

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732 days ago

Female version of this armor, it will be released on Friday (for the Legion side)


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FinAQW 727 days ago

hmm legion arch angel?

gtremmel 727 days ago


gab51299 729 days ago

if CC = Awesome

DoomWielder 729 days ago

Looks like you just slightly changed the art for Dreadnought and threw Legion colors on it.

Necro_Zayrus 730 days ago

It would be spectacular that any member of the Legion can obtain it with nothing else that effort :D!!

Necro_Zayrus 730 days ago

Thanks GOD because this armor will be released!...I hope that do not cost AC, and cost Legion tokens

97archy97 730 days ago

more like the female version of Aranx The Corrupted ArchAngel... XD

sanred_123 730 days ago

yeah he sell his own personel armor to win thats a good tactic

sanred_123 730 days ago

ok now this is good

Zeroace1Lewis 731 days ago

Version* o-o Stupid keyboard sticks

Zeroace1Lewis 731 days ago


Zeroace1Lewis 731 days ago

Woahdere, woahdere, woahdere. How come the male verion doesn't loo this cool?

Errathir 731 days ago

You are better then Dage for me now ^^. Good job with armor.

EffinKillerAQW 731 days ago


mturf 732 days ago

worth it for the ribbon and the eyes. nice work. shame the legion must be crushed.

Cody486AE 732 days ago

Just as good as the male :D

Yobi_AE 732 days ago

why you must be make an interesting armor dude ?

evokersoul 732 days ago

any idea on a price?

Galfor2 732 days ago


PedroMota97 732 days ago