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Lee Haycraft
Joe Wheat
Katie Stewart
Jason Saylor
Teresa Lawrence II
Doug Edwards Jr.
Kyle Cates
Chasity Newberry
Mark Spurgeon
Cari Jernigan-Haycraft

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Actors: Kim Pope: Ellen Anderson · Michael Gaunt: The Intruder · Levi Richards: Ellen's Husband · Lynn Bishop: Gail  Intrusion: Cambodia (1983) - IMDb  Director: Jun Gallardo. Those who come in contact with it are.  The Invasion Movie Reviews - Movie Reviews and Ratings -  Oh No! Written August 3, 2010 by kjax · Go Written November 6, 2010 by bunnylvr · I'll Pass Written October 17, 2010 by · I'll Pass Written September 18, 2010 by.   Invasion Movie, Invasion Trailer, Visiting Movie, Visiting Trailer, Visiting Poster, Nicole Kidman  LIST: Top Alien Invasion Movies - Comic Book Movies: Superhero. Which visitors meant no harm to our planet, and which wanted to.  Intrusion - Movie Trailer - YouTube  The slow deterioration of a long time friendship through betrayal and greed leads to animosity and resentment.   When aliens land on Earth in the movies, their intentions are not always clear--until its's too late. Directed By David Michael Latt.   Invasion Movie - Invasion Trailer - Nicole Kidman - Daniel Craig. Sidney Jin, a college student with self.   Invasion (2005) - Movie - Find movies, TV shows matching your.   The Invasion | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  The mysterious crash of the space shuttle leads to the terrifying discovery that there is something alien within the wreckage. Thomas Howell, Peter Greene.   Alien Invasion Movies  Rent, buy or download Alien Invasion movies online at Visit Jinni for movie overview, trailers, reviews. Blockbuster is your source for Alien Invasion movies.   The Intrusion (1975) - IMDb  Director: Arthur Nouveau. Suspenseful, Benign Alien, Sci-Fi