Ghost Adventures


Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin travel to the scariest places in the world. New episodes every Friday at 9 E/P.

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2542 days ago


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Beachgal01 2542 days ago

It's gonna be good! All of you guys rock!

MelinaNY 2542 days ago

oh geez! I can't wait to see The Aaron show on Friday.. I mean Ghost Adventures! Just cuz of him I don't miss an episode ;)

horrorhomo70 2542 days ago

I can't wait!!! Aaron rules!!!

firestar132000 2542 days ago

very cute Aaron!, by the way I am from beaverton, oregon-lol

Carrie_Klein 2542 days ago

but surprisingly less afraid than he used to look...I think he's actually starting to get used to it :-)

ChanthaSan 2542 days ago

LOL! Aaron is soo cute. (:

Wolf96Alpha 2542 days ago

lol can't wait

lisadorpema 2542 days ago

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! DUDE! OH MY GOD! love it, totally love it Aaron:)

Emma_ghost 2542 days ago

Great always!!

clintf 2542 days ago


stingray81 2542 days ago

Don't be so surprise Aaron.

Bomylab1 2542 days ago

I connect more with Aaron, we get spooked pretty easily.

viva_its_ericca 2542 days ago

Not "again", but "as usual" haha xD But that's why we love him! ;D

nikolew1 2542 days ago

I would b too!!

Egyptian_Monkey 2542 days ago

I know you were scared at the time time but last week you were too funny! Can't wait to see Friday's episode.

skbird1210 2542 days ago

After seeing the previews last week, this episode is going to scare us big time. I'm worried about Nick.

Christal_L 2542 days ago

Aaron is my favorite, he gets the BEST expressions!

daltonsmama 2542 days ago

Ya'll are always making him go by himself... Ha ha I will say it is funny tho but I probably would be more scared than him ha ha

twtsam95 2542 days ago

aw poor Aaron! i love his expressions!

brooksmc 2542 days ago

Entities love fear