LeVar Burton


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2749 days ago


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RandomArmyGuy 2340 days ago

That's pretty unfortunate!

NinjaJohnathan 2692 days ago

Thank god for airbags huh?

Mysticalgod 2718 days ago

you must be part chinese.

gotham20 2738 days ago

To Andronicus: Hi five! lol

sungear1 2739 days ago

Looks like you had a bit of "Crunch 'n Munch" today...;) It looks like the airbag went off too. That can be traumatic. Hope you're OK.

antihuman_c 2741 days ago

This is bound to happen when someone adds a cloaking device to a car. As for the guy in the yellow his cloak appears to be failing.

BZSusie 2743 days ago

Thank God you are okay! Blessings and best regarsa to you and your loved ones

olivertolentino 2744 days ago

sorry about the accident LeVar, I had the same incident on June 24...but I am thank you are okay and so am I. Stay safe!

Bookfoolery 2745 days ago

My son had a wreck like this, last week -- hit directly on the driver's side door. So glad you're OK.

beamoore61 2745 days ago

Lots of love Levar. Sooooo glad your ok. You're such a good role model, so be careful.

beamoore61 2745 days ago

Looks like this one's for the junkyard dogs.

CylonRebel 2746 days ago

Ouch!My son-in-law was hit & it's totalled(in car that I'm buying for daughter). The amount we're being offered is about $2800 less than $$ owed.

andronicus 2747 days ago

You sustained a catastrophic loss of power to the Structural Integrity and Inertial Dampening fields. Beam directly to sick-bay

BrandonRutledge 2747 days ago

Replace it with a Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG, it has a V12 Bi-Turbo engine with over 800 ft-lbs of torq. Glad you're ok.

jhjones 2747 days ago

Took a pic of your license plate and some of the car, pre-crash at The Caterer, second to last night. No crunches then. :-)

butterflyfish_ 2747 days ago


ImBookWorm 2747 days ago

Thank Goodness for airbags! Hoping you have a quick recovery! Stay safe on our California roadways! We have a whole lot of crazy drivers in this state! Healthy Recovery Hug, ImBookWorm

androidarmy 2747 days ago

Dude...! The whole... Dude!

setholansky 2747 days ago

Whoa, I drove by this accident the other day on my way home from work. No idea you were in the car. Did you grab a bite at Swingers while you waited for the tow?

YogaWithGaileee 2747 days ago

You were mentioned in my little newspaper this morning. Star Trek NextGen and Reading Rainbow! Glad you aren't hurt! gaileee