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Made this awhile back, thought I might share it with you guys... Sin of Revontheus.

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1132 days ago

Made this awhile back, thought I might share it with you guys... Sin of Revontheus.


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sandezboy 1127 days ago

Whoa this should be added to the Juggy quest. I would so farm for this.

J1KTheGamer 1128 days ago

i dont like it much :L it be better imo if u guys just realesed the original miltonius sword with the miltonius armor whould be epic

gtremmel 1129 days ago


HeadCrusherAE 1129 days ago

It'll be that big? Awesome.

PropheticDuck 1130 days ago

"Oh God it spins!"

Paul_Apollo 1131 days ago

Holy crap! That is awesome! :D

Nanovor8888 1131 days ago

That sword is have the size of my d!ck!!!!

SteampunkSkurge 1131 days ago

Is that... to scale? Like will this sword be really this big compared to our character? Other then that awesomeness!

buggy1008 1131 days ago


renzocristobal 1131 days ago

Sword and pet :D

DaRkSoUl9924 1131 days ago

Another random one with a statue of yourself except the face is nya cat face and hands up like paws

DTAQW 1131 days ago

If you look closely, it looks like a stick figure with a slightly modified Nulgath's face doing a stern stance. But overall- truly epic artwork!

VezokAE 1131 days ago

No words can describe how awesome that is.

Shydoli 1132 days ago

sowrd is better than oblivion i add GJ

glydingonwater 1132 days ago

Like your own Sword of Miltonius? Excellent work.

CrossXfire2 1132 days ago

nice! if that's released..........

EverettDumont 1132 days ago

Your sword has a quest? is a pet? :c

hajimesaitou3 1132 days ago

Do not change the color is so perfect

hajimesaitou3 1132 days ago

pls pet sword, was better

Teh_Mr_E 1132 days ago

Wicked awesome! It's swords like that that make me wish swords are a possess-able "character" in #Oversoul.