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I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me.

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Pandore_J 1985 days ago

Emiliiiooo !! *___* I love this actor he is so amasing !! :D

ohchockiss 2010 days ago

1 of my favorite actors, next to his brother

alexblinkbabe 2010 days ago

hahahahaha wicked funny

public_apathy 2033 days ago

i love this guy specially in the one of my fave movies The Breakfast Club!!

public_apathy 2033 days ago

i love him specially in one of my favorite movies The Breakfast Club!!

artclubcaucasus 2188 days ago

He is a hero !

gilbend 2198 days ago

" and I was like EMILIO.." lol

msangelareid 2200 days ago

the Estevez brothers???

MrsDavidCabral 2202 days ago

Best scene in cinematic history... Night At the Roxybury... "AND GUESS WHO IT WAS!!! EMILO ESTEVEZ... AND I WAS LIKE... EMILO!!! EMILO!!!"

aicragnimsay 2202 days ago

He was the First Love of Demi Moore things didn't work out! Emilio and Demi are almost getting married..maybe,ummm well,Demi is Amazing woman to Have Ashton c",)!

appplusk 2202 days ago

I swear on my mother Ashton Kutcher did a DNA test with me in Sept 2007 guess what ?, Yes he turns out to be my son

mixedhoney03 2204 days ago

OMG!! in reply to "mickeyloops" i was so thinkn the same quote lol too funny!.."A Night At The Roxberry" hey did u just touch my

Fernwood 2204 days ago

Terrific. The expression in the eyes is spot on.

Mikeyloops 2204 days ago


jkebeans 2205 days ago

Watch 'The breakfast Club" Cima_Si

Cima_Si 2205 days ago

Sorry, but i realy dont know who is it!!!

Cima_Si 2205 days ago

Who is t????

johannawil53 2207 days ago

outstanding! Looks exactly like him!

LaBelleMadame 2207 days ago

quite the artist Ashton!!

C_Lo_ 2207 days ago

I love the Estevez brothers.