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Keyblade of Revontheus.

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1377 days ago

Keyblade of Revontheus.


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sponge_buddy 1371 days ago

Is this going to be released?

sandezboy 1373 days ago

Mostly so I can finish my Kingdom Hearts II Riku suit...I think i gave way to much info. :o

sandezboy 1373 days ago

OMG I wish just the KeyBlade releases before i lose my membership.

UnleashinVoid 1373 days ago

LOVE IT <3333333 its like an oblivion keyblade, but morphed under the power of Revonteus

HeadCrusherAE 1373 days ago

Way better than Dage's.

glydingonwater 1376 days ago


HEB_AE 1376 days ago

i am so getting that keyblade

bossmikeyAQ 1377 days ago

Love it reminds me of the excalibur keyblade. Keep up the good work !

DarkonDrago 1377 days ago

Awesome.. a CC item :)

Axe459 1377 days ago

Anyone who is a kingdom hearts fan has a place in my heart thank you for the keyblade Rev

EmeraldWizardAE 1377 days ago

Did I mention I love you? I mean your art! I love your art! ... ok and you! <3 XD Thank you so much for this! :D

mturf 1377 days ago

keyblade = awesomeness

FourBeardStrong 1377 days ago


KaiiTakahashi 1377 days ago


KaiiTakahashi 1377 days ago

Even though you're busy with your studies,you still flashed this and posted it for us...

Top_AE 1377 days ago

I tought it was going to stay that way. Awesome! Great shading man.

B_M_3 1377 days ago

Missing a chain. But, looks good. Look forward to your art in Oversoul!

RhorekAQW 1377 days ago

#Dafuck awesome o.o

DoomSkuller 1377 days ago

Finally! A legit Keyblade weapon in AQW! Can't wait xD

Whs123AQW_DF 1377 days ago

Do i sense either a Kingdom hearts fan or some excitement towards the KH3D release in 3 days?